William Blake Bracelet- Auguries Of Innocence

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Let your jewellery tell the story with this beautiful handcrafted William Blake bracelet, inspired by the poem Auguries Of Innocence.

Based around the beginning of the iconic poem, this beautiful little keepsake will be such a wonderful talking point with anyone. Perfect for any occasion, this gift is sure to bring a smile to the literary lover in your life.

Whether your choice is sterling silver or silver plated chain, they will both have the same Tibetan charms and will be presented in a gift box tied with string. Both will feature an original quote card and the beginning of the poem:

'To see a World in a Grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour.'

A literary gift for poetry lovers.


Each charm represents two key symbols from each line;

  • Made from Tibetan Silver (may have traces of nickel)
  • 8 charms that include the following: 

                 - To see a world - WORLD

                 - in a grain of sand - SAND TIMER

                 - and a Heaven - HEAVENLY CHERUB 

                 - in a wild flower - FLOWER

                 - Hold Infinity - INFINITY SYMBOL

                 - in the palm of your hand - HAND

                 - and Eternity - ENDLESS KNOT (symbol for eternity)

                 - in an hour -  CLOCK

Silver Plated Chain & Links

  • Chain and links are made of zinc alloy and iron 
  • Silver plate coating the outside
  • Lobster clasp that is easily opened and closed
  • Chain measures 8''/20cm
  • Non extendable

Sterling Silver Chain & Links 

  • Chain and links are made of 925 sterling silver (with Tibetan silver charms)
  • Carabiner clasp with a width of 5.10mm that is easily opened and closed
  • Chain measures 7.5''/19cm
  • Due to its weight, this chain is supplied without a UK hallmark (4.6g)
  • Non extendable