The Great Gatsby Brooch

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The Great Gatsby Brooch, a must for any Gatsby lovers! Pulling you back into the 1920's world of opulent parties and dances with socialites, it comes featured upon a backing card and an original quote from the book by F.Scott Fitzgerald;

'So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past' 

A cute little gift for book lovers and readers, Jay Gatsby would be highly disappointed old sport if you didn't own this!


  • Made from trace silver
  • 4 charms that include the following: 

$100 Bill - Gatsby's fortune

- Car - Infamous car that killed Myrtle 

- Daisy flower on a heart - Representing Gatsby and Daisy's love

- Typewriter - How Nick Carraway tells us the story.


  • Silver plated aluminium 
  • Pin length measures 5cm across