Sherlock Holmes Book Page Print

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"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"

A Sherlock Holmes quote printed on an actual book page from a rescued vintage Sherlock book that makes a wonderful gift for a fan of the detective.

Each printed quote page is then mount framed on a 10x8'' board with black mount frame, and packaged in a cello sleeve.

A lovely unique piece of art and a darling accessory to your home.


- Printed onto a Sherlock Holmes book page that measures 8''x6'' (to fit the mount frame of 10''x8'')
- As each page is different, no two pieces are alike and the page it is printed on may be different from the one shown (but rest assured, it is still on a Sherlock Holmes page!)
- Depending on the age of the book page used, the colour may vary slightly i.e slightly lighter/darker than the one pictured


The book page print is mounted on cardboard backing with a black mount frame, packaged in a plastic sleeve, and sent in a cardboard backed envelope. Our mounts have clean cut edges and are the same size. They are not joined or hinged to the mount. These are not picture frames, they are picture frame inserts, and make a great effect when place inside a wooden frame (not provided). The prints are lightly taped to the rear of the mount behind the cut-out. The mount frame gives the artwork a lovely touch.

- Frame size required is 8''x10''
- Mountboard which does not yellow with age.