Shakespeare Henry IV Part II Jewellery Set

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A lovely vintage style jewellery set, inspired by Shakespeare's play 'Henry IV Part II', in either the necklace, earrings or both!

Inspired by the quote in Act III scene I ;

'Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown'

This bronze effect literary gift is perfect for those who love Shakespeare's classic plays! Features an original illustration backing card with the quote from the play. Choose from either necklace, earrings or the set. 

Great as a gift for theatre lovers everywhere.


  • Made from trace metal
  • Crown charm
  • Charm dimensions - H: 1.5cm/ W: 1.5cm
  • Made from zinc alloy
  • Antique bronze effect plate coating the outside

Bronze Effect Chain

  • Chain and links are made of zinc alloy and iron
  • Antique bronze effect plate coating the outside
  • Lobster clasp that is easily opened and closed
  • Total chain length 45.6cm/18'' Length
  • Non-extendable

Bronze Effect Earring Threaders

  • Made of zinc alloy and iron 
  • Antique bronze effect plate coating the outside