Peter Pan Bracelet

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A gorgeous piece of literary jewellery, this Peter Pan bracelet comes in your choice of either sterling silver or silver plated. 

This beautiful iconic piece of jewellery is reminiscent of childhood, running around in the brisk of innocence, with the smell of someone who has ridden the back of the wind! The smell of a hundred fun summers, with sleeping in trees and adventures with Indians and Pirates! When the world was yours and you could do everything or nothing...

Whether your choice is sterling silver or silver plated, they will both have the same Tibetan charms and will be presented in a gift box with a ribbon and blank gift tag. Both will feature an original illustration card and the quote 'All children, except one, grow up.'

Remind yourself of a carefree childhood if only for a moment with this iconic bookish bracelet. It will make the perfect gift for book lovers on Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays, Anniversaries, well, any occasion really!

A perfect  literary gift for book lovers. 


  • Made from Tibetan Silver (may have traces of nickel)
  • 8 charms that include the following: 

                 - Pesky crocodile who ate Hooks hand!
                 - The Lost Boys tree
                 - The infamous thimble (or 'kiss' in Peter's case)
                 - The Darling children's London home town landmark Big Ben
                 - The mischievous Tinkerbell
                 - A sneaky mermaid
                 - Playful Indian Chief
                 - Hooks pirate ship

Silver Plated Chain & Links

  • Chain and links are made of zinc alloy and iron (may have traces of nickel)
  • Silver plate coating the outside
  • Lobster clasp that is easily opened and closed
  • Chain measures 8''/20cm
  • Non extendable

Sterling Silver Chain & Links 

  • Chain and links are made of 925 sterling silver (with Tibetan silver charms)
  • Carabiner clasp with a width of 5.10mm that is easily opened and closed
  • Chain measures 7.5''/19cm
  • Due to its weight, this chain is supplied without a UK hallmark (4.6g)
  • Chain & links nickel free (please note the charms may have small traces of nickel)
  • Non extendable