Dracula Bat Necklace

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A pretty Dracula bat necklace, inspired by Bram Stokers famous novel, in your choice of either sterling silver or silver plated.

Perfect for any occasion, let your gothic side ride high with this vampire bat necklace! Whether your choice is sterling silver or silver plated, they will both have the same Tibetan bat charm. Both will feature an original illustration backing card and the quote from the book 'There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.'

Great as a gift for book lovers for a literary twist on jewellery.


  • Made from Tibetan Silver (may have traces of nickel)
  • 1 x Dracula bat charm

Silver Plated

  • Chain and links are made of zinc alloy and iron
  • Silver plate coating the outside
  • Lobster clasp that is easily opened and closed
  • Total chain length 78cm/30'' Length
  • Non extendable

Sterling Silver Chain

  • Chain and links are made of 925 sterling silver (with Tibetan silver charm)
  • Diamond cut Belcher chain
  • Spring ring clasp that is easily opened and closed
  • Total chain length 50cm/19''
  • Due to its weight, this chain is supplied without a UK hallmark (2.23g)
  • Chain & links nickel free (please note the charm may have small traces of nickel)
  • Non extendable