Jewellery Care


Keep your jewellery clean

Over time all jewellery begins to lose their lustre, and the best way to prolong this is to keep them nice and clean and dry. The chemicals in perfume, powders, lotions and potions react with plating and accelerate tarnishing. Plated jewellery and those made of metal, such as copper, bronze and brass may start to oxidize which causes the jewellery to be prone to chipping and the colour changing. Allow your products to absorb into your skin before putting on your jewellery for optimal jewellery care.

After every use, wipe down your jewellery with a soft cloth to remove any residue or even sweat accumulated during the days task. This reduces the risk of oxidation and prolongs it's life. 

Avoid cleaners containing alcohol, ammonia and acid. 

Do not wear your jewellery all the time

You probably want to show off your beautiful piece all the time, but don't go over board as costume (or fashion) jewellery is not meant to be worn constantly, as this may also accelerate tarnishing. 

Avoid sleeping in the jewellery - the chain links are delicate, we do not want you breaking your gift that was painstakingly handmade with care, or accidentally injure yourself.

Do not wear your jewellery whilst exercising for the reasons mentioned above. 

Keep away from water - although it is water resistant, it does not mean it is waterproof. Please remove before swimming, showering or bathing.

Storing your jewellery

Try not to store costume jewellery with precious jewellery, as they can react and cause corrosion. Avoid necklace and bracelet knots by hanging them on hooks. The best way to store costume jewellery is in a pouch made of cotton or velvet, as this helps to prevent tarnishing and chips.