Charity Print Collection

In 2021, I have made a commitment to support women & children in their charitable endeavours. Wanting to curate a beautiful selection of empowering products, I started designing bookish gifts where a portion of the proceeds go to charities that do some amazing work. Charities that help women suffering from domestic violence, as well as safety for women and children from abuse and neglect. These are causes that are close to my heart through my own past experiences, and by donating to such worthy causes through a portion of the proceeds, it is my hope that we can all come together to help women and children rebuild their lives from fear, violence and inequality. 

Check out the amazing charities and what they stand for below. 

Refuge is a charity against domestic violence for women. They aim to help rebuild the lives of women and children so they can live safely and no longer in fear.

Action For Children
Action For Children protect young people & provide support through practical means & emotional care. 

Check out each product and how much of the proceeds will go to which charity. More products will be designed and added as they're being done :)

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