Bringing back the roaring 20's, Old Sport

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The Roaring 20’s was a fabulous time. There are a lot of exciting and interesting things which happened in it which makes them such a fascinating thing to experience.

But, don’t you worry old sport, the Roaring 20’s is never far away. It’s not too difficult to bring it back to your life, especially with 2020 off to a thrilling start. Let’s check out what you can do to really kick the good times off.

Throw Some Parties

Now, if you ever saw The Great Gatsby, or read the book, you’ll know that our man Gatsby was a big fan of hosting absolutely lavish parties. Now, he did it to impress Daisy, but you can do it for the absolute hell of it.

If you wanted to look absolutely stunning while you did it, there’s this fantastic bracelet which would work great, but you can just take a look at some of the 1920’s period clothing to find what would look good at a party. Check out Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby film for some inspiration too, it’s got a few party scenes and they’re all pretty stunning to look at from a visual perspective.

Read the Great Gatsby

Now of course, if you wanted to properly immerse yourself in the world of the roaring 20s, it’s probably a good idea to read the Great Gatsby. It’s an incredible book, set in the roaring 20s, at the height of Prohibition, and it tells the tale of the enigmatic and mysterious Jay Gatsby. Together with the book's narrator, Nick Carraway, Gatsby attempts to win back the heart of an old flame, and it provides a fascinating insight into the world of the 1920s, as well as offering up some unique socio-political commentary.

Now obviously, you may find that a good bookmark is in order, but it’s definitely a tale that you should check out if you want to get a very poignant tale about life back then, and how the world was in a period of change.

Explore 20’s Fashion

The fashion of the 1920s was fairly influential, and it was a unique style that was embraced by both men and women. Whether it was the sharp cut and highly sophisticated suits worn by the males, or the flowing graceful dresses by women, there was definitely a fashion for everybody.

A necklace like this one would be a good choice for exploring a unique take on 1920s fashion while holding the film close, but really it’s all about creating your own unique perspective as well.

In conclusion, thanks to the Internet and various stories sat in the time period, the 1920s was definitely not as far away as you might think it is. 


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